Created in 1964, GYS are a family-owned company with over 500 employees around the world. Built around continuous investment in research and development and the acquisition of knowledge, the company is now a major player in the design and manufacture of welding machines, battery chargers and car body repair equipment.

Our Presentation

Our Presence

  • 600+ employees
  • 2 production sites(France & China)
  • 50+ people in R&D
  • Products sold in 123 countries
  • 5 commercial subsidiaries (Germany, United Kingdom, China, India, Italy)

Our History
GYS Presentation 5100 k

1964 Guy-Yves Stephany establishes GYS to manufacture transformers.

1970 GYS commence production of battery maintenance devices (chargers, starters).

1980 GYS start to manufacture arc welding products.

1997 GYS is taken over by the current managing family. Two generations run the company.

1997-1999 A first significant period of change is launched by creating a manufacturing centre for electronic circuit boards.

1999 The first electrode welding inverter is manufactured and sold.

2000-2001 GYS accelerate their investment in R&D to extend its electrode welding inverter range.

2002 GYS manufacture resistance welding machines for car body repair.

2004 Opening of a factory in Shanghai with the mission of manufacturing battery charging devices for consumer use.

2006 Opening of a sales and service subsidiary in Aachen, Germany.

2008 Opening of a sales and service subsidiary in Warwick, England.

2011 Signing of a commercial JV in Shanghai, China.

2013 Opening of a representative subsidiary in Coimbatore, India.

2014 Opening of the new R&D centre in Laval (France) at the cutting-edge of technologies.

2015 Opening of a sales and service subsidiary in Venice, Italy.
Our Products

GYS design and manufacture three product ranges:
  • Equipment for welding. GYS offer one of the largest ranges of welding machines, accessories and consumables for all potential users, from the most advanced applications in industry to general maintenance and repair uses.
  • Equipment for battery maintenance. Manufactured in two factories, GYS offer an extremely wide range of battery charging and maintenance products. More than 50 years of production have firmly established the brand reputation of GYS around the world.
  • Equipment for car body repair. GYS offer the largest range of repair equipment in the world for vehicles involved in accidents i.e dent pulling, welding, riveting, lifting, induction heating systems (as well as many additional tools). This range has been developed in partnership with the world’s major automotive manufacturers who trust us day after day.

Our Infrastructure

  • Research & Development. With over 40 expert engineers in multiple specialities (electronic, mechanical, etc.), the R&D department delivers continuous innovation for high tech products. In 2014, GYS established an important investment by opening a new research centre to provide the best resources for our researchers to continue to develop innovative solutions and improvements. By listening to our customers and combining this information with our engineers’ expertise, GYS are able to constantly offer new products to meet user demands.
  • Complete integration of the industrial process. Visiting our manufacturing site is a surprising journey which extends through an incredibly wide range of functions (electronic, mechanical, transformer, wiring, sheet metal, painting). Our philosophy is based on the complete integration of our production process to control every detail. The factory has ISO 9001 certification and is a flexible resource enabling us to be very responsive to customer needs. The investment and continuous improvement in performance of this production facility are the back bone for our existence, we consider it the guarantee for our future competitiveness.
  • International reach. Present in over 100 countries, GYS have their head office in France and its four subsidiaries to expand its international influence. Carried by a dynamic team and an ambitious development strategy, we aim to reinforce our international collaborations and constantly conquer new territories.

Our DNA: Invest in the future

The new market realities are ever-changing and the size of our family-owned company requires fast adaptation to new demands. For this reason, we chose our motto: Invest in the Future ! Indeed, we are convinced that our future is closely linked to our customers’ future. For this reason, we do everything in our power to understand what distributors and customers are expecting from us - to know what challenges they are facing and to see to what extent we can enable them to meet these challenges, establishing us as their favourite partner.